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Wouldn't it be great if every writer in Brea had access to 21st century publishing technology and connections? Imagine essay writing with all the tools of the trade, not just some of them-bits and pieces of them.

February 15th will kick off our 21st Century Essay Writing campaign. Our focus is to provide all writers in Brea district with 21st century technology over the next three years.

We need a unified focus of writers, publishers and business leaders to reach this goal. We are here to do our part, giving our creativity all it needs to write the best we can. The writers need you. How about it? Why not join us today?


Every writer in the Brea District should have:

Technology Need
electronic write-board $1,800
personal response system $1,500
projector w/mount $1,000
laptop computer $ 700
TOTAL per classroom $5,000

There are more than 300 writers in the Brea District. Help us provide 21st century essay writing!

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